vocational courses in travel and tourism
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Travel and tourism are one of the fastest moving industries with lots and lots of opportunities produced each year. Vocational courses focus more on careers and technical education, so it is useful when you need more experience than qualification. Here we will go through the vocational courses in travel and tourism sector.

A 3-year course that is eligible for 12th pass or equivalent qualification is usually known as B.Voc Travel and Tourism Management. Travel and tourism are not simply limited to tour operations. There are several other aspects including hospitality, customer service, marketing, finance and human resource management. In a travel and tourism firm, the employees appointed can range from tour operators to drivers and cleaners. To manage the daily affairs, staffs and material resource a manager is obvious. The vocational courses are known for developing such skilled and talented travel and tourism managers.

The main aim of B.Voc. Travel and Tourism Management course is to impart industry-related skills to students and get them industry-ready. Another major advantage of this course is that there are chances of multiple exit options. On quitting the program with 1 year is given with a diploma certificate. After 2 years advanced diploma certificate is granted and on completing the 3-year course a bachelor’s degree is awarded.

The 3 years comprises of 6 semesters, 2 semesters each and 1 semester with 6 months duration. A 12th passed or equivalent from a recognized board is eligible to do the program. The main subjects in the curriculum include the following

  1. Communication skills
  2. Computer application
  3. Customer service management
  4. Heritage tourism
  5. Accounting
  6. Reservations
  7. Bookkeeping
  8. HR management
  9. Media and advertising
  10. Tour operations and so on.

After completing the 3 years course it is possible to pursue M.Voc course which deals with advanced technical knowledge related to a specific domain. However, the career opportunities will be available both at private and public sectors. The private sector includes travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, visa and document service firms, hotels, resorts, cruises and many more. The public sector recruiters include central and state tourism board, government tourist information offices and government-run airlines, hotels, transportation services and other such. Whatever your job title may be the salary will depend on aspects such as location, skills, employer profile, experience, and academic performance.

When you are determined to get yourself to your dream job or a well-paid job, it is important to pursue the right course from the right college. Patriot Aviation College offers 3 years Degree in Travel and Tourism Management which could be the right choice for a settled future.