Aviation Course and its career options
Aviation Course and Career options
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14 November 2017

Aviation has become one among the most career building sectors in India. Students are steering into the field to secure their future with a progressive career.  As a discipline, aviation offers fascinating job opportunities, with good income. The industry is chosen by students who desire change in career path and love to be different.

Aviation courses are offered by many institutes, but choosing the best one requires thorough research and understanding. If you are in search of the best institute to enrol for an aviation course, the basic elements you should take care is the scope, exposure and career options the institute can offer you. Apart from the basic training, a good aviation institute will open for you doors to a good profession. Aviation course is an umbrella term which consists of various fields such as airport management, flight dispatchers, aviation psychologists etc.  There are many more career options for students under the aviation course. A good academy with professional trainers can help you make a bright future in the following careers;

Flight pursuer: You can become a flight pursuer after 3 to 6 years of experience as an air hostess. As a flight pursuer, you have to undertake the responsibility of the onboard cabin crew. The position will result in a good salary increment.

Commercial Pilot: With domestic airlines, you can start your flying career and as a commercial pilot you can have the privilege of flying over thousand feet above the sea level.

Aircraft Dispatcher: An aircraft dispatcher is to plan the path of the flight.  It is the duty of the flight dispatcher to ensure not only the condition of the aircraft but also the safety of the pilot and passengers.

Aircraft Mechanic: Aircraft mechanic have to check the condition when the flight is on the ground.  Scrutinizing the aircraft’s engine, body and other parts are the responsibilities of the flight mechanic. You have to complete the aviation maintenance course for this job.

Flight Instructors:  Flight instructors are the people who give training to the pilot. Flight instructors are commonly senior pilots within the airline. They give training on both ground and the sky instructions and about cockpit equipment.

To fly is a dream of everyone, but only a few take it as their ultimate goal. Enrolling in an aviation course can help you to make your goal realistic.As various courses come under the sector, you can choose it for your own. Picking the best aviation academy is not difficult as Patriot is there for you. Join Patriot for aviation courses and safeguard your life with the most professional aviation training.