How to begin a Career in Travel & Tourism?
How to begin a Career in Travel & Tourism?
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18 May 2018

What is Travel & Tourism?

No one really knows how to pitch in this industry. The perks and the unexplored areas in the Travel & tourism industry are quite wide and diverse, so there are numerous options depending on the type of work you’re searching for.

Whether you like working external, travelling the world, or sitting in an office, there is something for everyone. It requires your attention for there are a ton lot of effective areas where you can pursue your dream career. From Arts and culture, Hotels, food and beverage, conferences and conventions, Outdoor recreation, Ecotourism to Ancillary services.


Figuring out the career path.

Before you venture out into this immense sea of an industry, we’ll serve as your Guide before you jump onto decisions.

Remember, nobody likes you when you panic. So tighten your seatbelt, explore your options, what the role involves and what doesn’t and the kinds of skills and requirements for the roles you so desire.

Be patient to jot them down and then get your foot across the door.

And don’t entirely rely on your instincts at all. Get the phonebook out, you may even know some friends and family in the industry who would be happy to talk about their job and other roles that might be of huge interest to you.

Now that you know this is the career you want to pursue, let’s get to the mouthwatering benefits on choosing travel and tourism.


This is what we call bonus.

Travelling: Depending on your task, the main advantage of being in this industry is that you get paid big to travel. You will be getting some remarkable great travel discount even if you are not immediately connected with travelling in your organization. Also, you’ll find that learning never stops while serving in the travel and tourism industry.

Career Advancement: You heard it right, a career in travel and tourism comes with a zillion opportunities to help your career graph rise. Individuals who start in lower-level management positions often accept quick promotions to regional and executive management posts with rising paychecks.

Innovative industry: This industry ensures that new creative ideas and services are always being developed to keep up with tourist’s needs to stay ahead of the rest of the competition which means you get the opportunity to expand your horizon too. Experience in Travel & Tourism industry is bound to do you good, so one must choose wisely when it comes to opting for the right institute. Patriot Aviation College offers really exciting courses in Travel & Tourism that are integrated with IATA. Get your thoughts in place and make the right leap towards your future with the top performing IATA Authorized Training centre in South Asia.