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IATA (International Air Transport Association) plays an important role in the exchange relationship for the world’s airline. They hold a wide range of areas in aviation industries and encourage cooperation among world’s registered airlines to ensure safe, secure and reliable services. It has a wide variety of programs through which you can gain in-depth knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. Definitely, it is not mandatory but is a strong contributing factor which brings you valuable career opportunities and can make wonders within your profession.

Benefits of being IATA certified are,

  • Able to issue e-tickets on behalf of airlines

With a single sales agency agreement, you can sell international and domestic air tickets to your customers

  • Travel agents acquire specific training

Travel agents are made aware of upcoming trends and challenges in the aviation industry making them commercially credible.

  • Participation in key industry events

Being an IATA member you can participate in events and conferences held by airline and industry partners. The IATA Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit and other such conferences bring representatives from leading international airlines around the world together.

  • Services and training

IATA approved professional will receive specific training on industry regulation and international standards which maintains an international approach and can receive up to 30% discount on IATA publications.

  • Worldwide recognition

As soon as an agent gets accredited, a unique numeric code generated will be given to them, which act as an instant recognition throughout the world.

  • Widened scope in career 

An IATA certified candidate is exposed to numerous career options from operational to management level. The scope expands from the aviation industry to art and culture, assisting services, hotels and foods, conferences and so on.


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