Myths and Truths in cabin crew
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Cabin crew or more likely air hostess is a title that could land your mind into a lot of fascinating thoughts. The thoughts usually range from glamour to travel to model-like physique and many more like that. When the facts are blended with fiction, it makes young admirers more difficult in determining whether to choose to be a cabin crew or not. In this post let us demystify such three subsequent confusions.

Myth 1: “a simple waitress duty”

Truth 1: “the actual heroes who keep us safe”

This is one of the ridiculous misconceptions regarding the cabin crews. They are the professionally trained team that works to keep you safe during travel and the refreshment duty is a secondary one. The major responsibilities of the cabin crew include the following

a. Keep the passengers safe and comfortable

b. Offer refreshments when required or asked for

c. Maintain a pleasant travel environment

Unlike the waitress, the cabin crew is not meant to keep the passengers happy, they are rather meant to keep them safe as mentioned above. They are well trained to survive in any situation. They are capable of doing the following mentioned activities

a. Administer CPR and first aid

b. Fight fire

c. Evacuate an aircraft immediately

d. Open heavy doors

So it is definite that cabin crew is not a glorified form waitress job, instead they are silent superheroes.

Myth 2: “Should look young, slim and beautiful”

Truth 2: “attitude and experience matters more than physique”

Betty Nash with 60 years of experience in cabin crew proves that being young, slim or beautiful is not anymore the requirements for being a cabin crew. She was 83 years old while working for Washington DC-Boston route for American Airlines. She was enough to show every sign of an aged person including wrinkles. But it is the training and aptitude that matters more than physique and looks. The qualities required for flight attendants are as follows

a. Be good at the job

b. Stay healthy and fit

c. Look confident

Myth 3: “only ladies and not men”

Truth 3: “men and women have equal chances”

It is more familiar with the term air hostess than air host because women preferred more than men to be a flight attendant. With the right training, both men and women have the chance to compete and become an air host or hostess. In the present environment, every aircraft wishes to keep gender equality in the flight attendant job. The trends have changed once the international airlines have introduced male cabin crew members.

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