Characteristics of a good travel agent
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A Good Travel Agent is described as the one with a acute sense of visionary planning and an excellent service provider. Travel Industry is one of the most demanding as well as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In travel industry there is an immense competition amongst the best of service providers. So, it is quite important to hone our skills and to update our knowledge

Some of the qualities apt for a travel agent are as follows

1) Knowledge

It is very important to update our knowledge in accordance with the latest trends in the industry. The customers generally expects expert advice from the agent in terms of accommodation, locations etc. So, it is very important to be in touch with the latest updates in the tourism industry.

2) Professionalism

It is expected by the norms of the industry to maintain a professional behavior while dealing with travelers. The agent must always talk and reply in a courteous and calm manner especially talking to female customers .Also try to avoid grammatical mistakes while writing an e-mail as it may have a negative impact in the minds of the clients.

 3) Enthusiasm

Always maintain a good enthusiasm while dealing with the clients and customers. An enthusiastic behavior may rub in positive energy and also have an impact on discussions and businesses with the clients.

4) Communication Skills

As this is a field that is diverse in nature and involves the use of inter-personal skills, it is highly important that the person must have good communication skills. As this job involves dealing with a lot of foreign tourists, it is important to be having a good command over English language. Also, it is highly important that the person also has basic knowledge of foreign languages.

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