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The growth of the travel and tourism industry in our country is exponential. The expected career opportunities are about to cross 46 million by 2025. When the governments started taking more initiatives, the industry has uncovered its bright future. The most exciting and adventurous jobs which will even pay well, that is a job in travel and tourism.

Every student who passes out a degree in travel and tourism has countless opportunities before them. Travel agent, customer handling in airports, ticketing officer, an adventure tourism expert, holiday consultant and the list goes endless. Before pursuing a degree in travel and tourism and finally settle on a job in the travel and tourism industry it is important to know the following factors

  • The major responsibility is to keep the customers safe and sound with full-on satisfaction.

  • Communicate with the customers, understand their needs and make them comfortable.

  • The industry includes everything from government tourism departments to small scale private travel agencies.

  • The most attractive benefits are salaries and associated travel allowances for the employees and their family.

Inter-personal skills and experience is always the best asset to work in this field. However, to begin with, the aspirants can choose a suitable degree in travel and tourism. Apart from that we have masters, and diploma and certificate programs also handling various sectors of the travel and tourism like tour operation, airline management, destination management, management in travel, hotel etc. Short term programs can make the candidates ready to work in a lesser period. However, it is advised to move on with undergraduate courses to make a better start in this industry. For higher job standards postgraduate degrees are helpful.

A set of skills are required for surviving in the industry. The basic requirements include knowledge in computer reservation system, language and selling skills, experience in handling foreign currency, customer care handling skills and many more. An employee in this industry is expected to have well knowledge in the history, art, and culture of India. Fluency in foreign languages other than English is also appreciated. When you self analyze yourself and if you feel you are apt for the travel and tourism industry, then you have the perfect choice to make. Patriot Academy has the best job oriented courses in travel and tourism degree, to groom you to be perfect for this industry.