Career Opportunities in Travel and Tourism Degree Course
Degree in Travel and Tourism
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Travel and Tourism are one of the fastest growing industries in recent time. Travel and Tourism industry produces a large number of vacancies per year. There are several tourism courses available based on your area of interest like a diploma or a degree in travel and tourism. Some program requires a degree and some program requires secondary school level education.

Duration of Courses:

The course duration varies based on the type of program you are selected. Degree in travel and tourism is a course of three-year duration. Other Certification courses are having duration below one year and other tourism programs duration varies one to two years.

Careers Opportunities:

After the completion of the degree in travel and tourism course, a wide range of job opportunities is waiting for you in the areas of hotels, airlines, tourism departments, etc.

Let us look up some Career opportunities available in this industry:

Airlines:  In airlines have openings in the area of ground staff in-flight staff. You can choose the career options from traffic assistance, counter staff, booking, and reservation.

Hotels: In the area of hotels a wide range of job opportunities are available for travel and tourism students. You have options like operations, front office, housekeeping, food and beverages, accounting, security, public relations, sales, maintenance.

Tourism departments:  Tourism department is one of the largest growing career sectors in India. A wide range of job opportunities is available in this area like tour planner, tour guide, Reservation and counter staff, sales and marketing staff, interpreters, etc.

Travel agent: The travel agent will manage all the travel arrangements and promote their tour packages. Travel agents have a job opportunity in hotels and travel agencies to advertise their packages.

Transportation: Transportation is the main section of the travel and tourism industry. Handle all Transportation of tourists (road, rail, sea, air).

Apart from the above-mentioned opportunities, the travel and tourism industry has a wide range of openings in the fields like Travel Media Specialist, Travel educationist, Adventure tour operator, Global distribution services manager.


The travel and tourism industry offers a very satisfactory salary package. Salary packages vary based on the organizations and your post. You can also get great additional benefits.

Select the right institution is an important point for every study. Patriot Aviation College Offers Degree in Travel and Tourism courses that integrated with IATA.  Patriot also provides other certification courses in the field other than travel and tourism sector too.