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The aviation industry is too large, that you may need an army of professionals to keep it running and ensure seamless functioning. Every professional behind works hard enough to keep the industry going and booming. Several professions are coming under the aviation industry including cabin crew. In this post, we can discuss five other job titles which are not well known enough however, is still promising.

  • Load and trim officer

A load and trim officer is a person who does calculations on cargo management. He is responsible for issuing loading   instructions and load sheets, maintaining cargo and passenger safety.

  • Customer service manager

The customer service manager is responsible to ensure a hassle-free flight to the passengers/customers. They should intervene in problems that arise within the travel and should offer acceptable solutions to it. They perform a crucial task and the required qualities are alertness, patience, smartness and calm composure.

  • Passenger handling executive

A passenger handling executive contributes a smooth check-in. Their responsibilities include luggage transfer, baggage claim,ticket services and much more.

  • In-flight services and security personnel

A person with sharp analytical skill is suitable for this job title. Their basic responsibilities include hazard identification, occurrence reporting, risk management and safety assurance

  • Fares and ticketing in-charge

If you are good at planning and executing, then you are suitable to be a fare and ticketing in-charge. They are responsible for booking and confirming the reservations. They should be extremely good at answering questions about itinerary and fares, managing last- minute reservations and cancellations and such other activities.

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