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The scope of travel and tourism is huge. Starting early helps reach a successful career position at a very young age. India is right now facing an unemployment era. At the same time, the travel and tourism sector is thriving to be in the topmost. Choosing the right path can eradicate unemployment to somewhat extent. In this post, we will discuss the courses every travel and tourism career aspirant must know about.

Pursuing a degree in travel and tourism makes you capable of being placed into a career coming under this sector. While choosing a course you need to be careful because there are different specializations available. Each specialization makes you qualified for different job titles depending on the responsibilities.

Both the short term and long term courses are available. The short term courses generally range from 3-6 months or maybe 1 year in duration. Few courses available in Patriot Aviation Academy are listed below

  • IATA travel and tourism diploma-foundation

A candidate with a plus 2 qualification, a travel agent who wishes to start a new business, new entrants to travel and tourism career, etc can apply for this IATA course. On completing this 6-month duration course you will learn the responsibilities of a travel agent. You will also be capable of providing the clients with the best flight, destination, and tour options.

  • IATA travel and tourism diploma-consultant

Any candidates with plus 2 qualifications, airline fair experts, travel consultants and students who have completed IATA travel and tourism diploma-foundation are eligible to apply for this course. This 9-month course improves your knowledge in popular tourist destinations and skills in sales and tailoring itineraries. 

This is a long term degree with 3 years duration. A candidate with 10th or plus 2 qualifications can apply for this course. The curriculum includes a proper mix of general education and skill development. The candidates are groomed to be an expert in various fields related to travel and tourism.

Choosing the right college and the right course is the most important of all before pursuing the course. Patriot Aviation Academy is the best IATA authorized training centre in Kerala that provides job oriented courses in travel and tourism courses.